Monday, August 16, 2010

A burning sensation... my mouth!

After a long day at work and coming home around 8pm, I was debating whether I was in the mood to cook something or just eat leftovers.  Definitely didn't feel like cooking something (for just myself), so I poked around in the fridge for leftovers, but nothing seemed appealing.  Since my parents are away, I can basically eat whatever the heck I want!  And so I did.  I had a piece of leftover chocolate cake first, and then made myself a delicious bowl of instant noodles. 

This is by far my favorite kind of instant noodles.  So good that sometimes Tiff and I make it at midnight on Saturday night because the craving is just too strong and needs to be satisfied.  (I know, we're such rebel daughters, making instant noodles late on a weekend night... Sorry M&D)  Anyway, the noodles are so smooth and soft and the broth is so salty and spicy... definitely makes your taste buds tingle.

So all in all, a delicious dinner and cheap too!  Got a box of 20 from Costco for $9.99.  That's $0.49 a pack! A $0.49 dinner; what a deal.  Unfortunately, not that great for the body, so definitely will need to go to yoga tomorrow to balance it out...